Warm September

For the second straight year we had a warm September. September 2005 finished in the top 10 coming in as the 8th warmest on record. Besides the 1″ plus rain event on September 5th, most of the rest of the month was dry. Too bad our nice warm September (and first couple of days of October) is being replaced by the threat of snow on Wednesday. Oh the joys of living in the Red River Valley of the north. 😉

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  1. Outraged

    Good afternoon.
    After watching the ballgame last night with all the warnings crawling across the bottom I am surprised I am still alive to write. How is anyone supposed to take any warning serious when you warn of a storm coming, a day in advance, with up to 4″ of snow. Take a break. It’s N.D.
    It just may snow again.
    By the way, I didn’t see any warnings that after 7:00pm it may become dark.

  2. -Person the lives in Grand Forks

    Well looking were I Im(Grand Forks) we are still under a Winter Storm Watch intill Wed. afternoon. Well here comes the snow o well! Bring it on!

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