T-Storms Last Night

Last night was one of those times I felt like beating my head against the wall. A cold front passed through the area last night and the computer models gave no indication of any precipitation as it passed through. Radar showed some light showers to the north and a few sprinkles out near Jamestown. So for the southern valley I put a few sprinkles in the forecast. Just after finishing the 10pm news, a thunderstorm pops up in eastern Clay County and then a line procedes to rapidly develope stretching all the way north to International Falls. One little area of this line may have had some small hail and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Becker County.

So for those of you in Minnesota who were awoken by thunder after I had said only a sprinkle, I apologize. Meteorology is often a humbling profession.

Rob Kupec

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    Rob,yes mother nature can be very erratic at times,with me being an Ag Met down here in northern Oklahoma i feel your pain…Hehee…as I have stated before on this blog, I know very well about the WX in ND and MN,we lived in Fargo for a few years back in the mid 90s,and i can remember the cold and snowy winters of 95/96 and 96/97

  2. wxman

    Rob: At least our area is interesting for you forecasters. You could be in Hawaii were the weather is the same all the time, so boring that would be.

  3. ralphieund

    how about that hurricane?? Largest increase in strength ever?!! I went to bed thinking it was just a cat 1, i come to work this morning and its the strongest hurricane on record! Hopefully it will weaken by the time it hits FL by the weekend

  4. NDweatherbuff

    I now have the previlege of saying that I lived to see the strongest hurricane on record in the Atlantic (for the time being anyway, and hopefully it misses FL, I think we’ve been punished enough).

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