May 28th Record High

  Yesterday we tied the record high for Fargo with 97 and Grand Forks set a record with 95 (old record:91).   Could this be the summer we see 100 again?  The last time we hit 100 in Fargo was June 17, 1995.   Since then we have gotten to 97 four time, including yesterday and to 98 once.  With the wet summers we have had it is difficult to reach 100.

Since the 100 in 1995 here are the top 5 warmest days.

97 Sept 10, 1998
98 June 29, 2002
97 July 1, 2002
97 Aug 18, 2003
97 May 28, 2006.

One thought on “May 28th Record High

  1. I remember that summer when Fargo last hit 100,it was just before we moved to fargo from Oklahoma!

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