This past Tuesday we had a first below zero reading of the
season.  Coming after a mild weekend it
probably came as quite a shock to most people. 
In the past ten years our first below zero morning has varied from a very
early November 8 in 2003 to a very late December 25 back in 2001. 

Climatologically, the average first day below
zero would be in early December, so we were pretty close to the long term
average on reaching that milestone.  Fargo
Moorhead averages 48 days a winter with temperatures below zero for lows and we
average ten days a year with the high temperature also remaining below zero. 

Other negative statistics would be our area
averaging seven days a winter with lows below -20 and the one stat that no one
probably wants to know about is we average two days per winter with a high of -10
degrees or lower.

After hearing all things negative, hopefully you will have a positive day.