First 50

The average date for our first 50 degree day of spring is on March 18. Such a temperature is possible Saturday afternoon. The first 50 degree day of the year has occurred as early as February 4 in 1925 to as late as April 17 back in 1979. But it appears to be occurring very close to average this year. In 2008 we did not have our first 50 degree high until April 2.

The next milestone will be our first 60 degree day. The long-term average is on April 4 with a historical range from February 25 in 1956 to May 6 back in 1893. Although averages tend to mean little in our climate, if you are looking forward to some 70s and 80s, our first 70 degree day average is April 18 and our first 80 degree day average is May 5.