Location Matters

As your favorite real-estate agent will tell you, it is all about location, location, location. Just as two similar homes will sell for different prices based on location, the weather will vary greatly based on your location as well. You have probably experienced a thunderstorm missing you, yet at the same time knowing it was raining several miles away. One of the most common questions I get during the summer are requests for the location and timing of the thunderstorms that are in my forecast.

Depending on the meteorological set up that day, it can be very difficult to give an accurate estimation because of the random nature of thunderstorms. There are many elements that go into making an accurate forecast, but nailing down the exact location and timing of precipitation can be the most difficult. As our understanding of the atmosphere improves our ability to forecast thunderstorm placement has gotten better, but we still have much to learn.

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  1. ddtwc

    Summer time convection is always a challenge compared to Fall, Winter and Spring large-scale systems! Even the most advanced high resolution models struggle with summer time storms. I am careful to not call them ‘air mass thunderstorms’ as fellow meteorologist purists get feisty, but they are right in true definition. Unless its an evident cold front with many ingredients in place (even then it is a crapshoot) it is very tough to nail down a location/time for t-storms.

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