I will be on an extended vacation.  You can read John and Rob’s weather talks on http://www.inforum.com (they are usually in the news section, but you can search for them) during my absence. 

I may post a thing or two on this site when I’m gone, or you can check out my travel blog here:




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  1. Robert V Sobczak

    China! Sounds like a great adventure. And quite a big travel commitment. We were in Belgium, but it was to visit family, and didn’t do much in the way of sight seeing … other than Brussels. It must have been interesting to immerse yourself in that culture … and a great learning experience for the children.

  2. Daryl Ritchison

    We just got back after three weeks, it was an absolutely fabulous vacation. I could have easily stayed another couple of weeks. Now I just need to get over this jet-lag…

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