Unusual Snow

This month has brought snow to many locations unaccustomed to snow so early in the season. Houston, Texas recorded their earliest snow on record on December 4 when 1-3 inches fell on the city. It was enough for kids and adults alike to make snowmen and snow angels. The previous record for the earliest snow on record in Houston came just last year when it snowed on December 10. This was also the first time since the late 1800s that it has snow in two consecutive years in the city.

Also this month, Dallas, Texas had some light snow that accumulated on the grassy areas, not a record, but still quite early for their climate. Plus, Sacramento, California saw enough snow earlier this week that several schools just east of the city had to close for the first time in several years.

Of course, winter has just started and at this pace it could be an interesting season.

4 Responses

  1. Jon L

    When we travel from Fargo to Des Moines, we expect warmer weather. Wow. The whole area is shut down, 12-15 inches of snow and winds near 30 mph. Fun to experience.

  2. Robert V Sobczak

    No snow down here in Naples Fla … yet. We did have a big surf day, with plenty of foamy waves which detached from the water from the high wind. That sort of looked like snow?!?

  3. DDtwc

    Even parts of metro Atlanta has seen a little bit of snow but no accumulations — yet. Looks to be an interesting winter setting up for us here in the Southeast. Ahead of the storm that produced the blizzard in MN/IA/WI .. we had temps in the 40s in the evening and woke up to near 60 degrees with rain/storms passing through!

  4. Daryl Ritchison

    Robert, I read that blog, sorry, I wasn’t giving it too you. The rest of the country is shivering and south Florida sets record highs. It really isn’t fair. 😉

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