Record Snow

The snowstorm that hit the east coast hard this past weekend produced some record setting snow amounts. Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia all broke their all-time daily snowfall record for the month of December. Baltimore’s total was 21 inches with Washington, D.C. ending with 16 inches. Philadelphia’s official total of 23.2 inches of snow was also the second highest snow total in the city from a single storm since records began in the 1880s.

There was another city in the United States that had huge amounts of snow recently that has gone largely unnoticed. Last week, Valdez, Alaska, received 68 inches of snow from a single event that lasted several days. That is 5 feet, 8 inches of snow. Snow was falling at a rate of 4 inches per hour at the height of the storm, yet, according to the local paper, the schools in town never shut down. Although, a few buses did get stuck.


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  1. Henry

    I remember when I was in the public school system, we rarely took time off from school. A few rare events in which an ice storm shut off the power for a few days, yes that shut school down. Otherwise, we had school. All the buses had kerosene heaters that were never used, just in case. Likewise, we had recess outside unless it was raining. Wintertime, if you got too cold, you warmed up in the vestibule by the heater. I like Alaska’s attitude towards having classes during inclement weather, an attitude that used to be a ND attitude as well.

  2. Florida Bob

    On the plus side, that’s a lot of raw material for snowman building. No snow, but we’ve had some persistently cold days here in south Florida.

    BTW, happy holidays from Florida!

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