Minimum Extremes

This month has brought some dramatic temperature changes to the area. One of most interesting to me has been the extreme range in low temperatures observed. Back on January 2 the official low in Fargo Moorhead was -33° which was a record for that date. Then three weeks later, on January 23, the official low was 33° above zero. That was also a record, but this time a record high minimum for that date.

So during this month our low temperatures have varied by 66° which is the 2nd highest such difference in our record books for this month. The greatest difference in minimum temperatures in January occurred in 1892 when the range was 67°. That year the lowest minimum temperature was -37° and the highest minimum was 30°.

The all-time record dates back to March of 1964 which experienced a minimum low temperature of -22° with a high minimum of 50° for a monthly difference of 72°.