East Coast Record?

As we were dealing with our own snow system this past weekend, the Mid-Atlantic States were getting buried under what many people were calling “snow-mageddon”. The nation’s capital recorded 32 inches at the Dulles Int’l Airport and around 20 inches at Reagan Int’l Airport. In nearby Baltimore, nearly 24 inches was measured. Some locations with slightly higher elevations had over 40 inches of snow during the two-day event.

Many cities recorded either their all-time heaviest snow storm or the second highest since snow records started in the late 1800s, including both Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. Although not in the official records, back in 1772 both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson penned in their diaries of a snow storm that dumped around three feet of snow in that same area which would be the heaviest known event for that region.

So this event at least in some localized areas produced snow amounts not observed in over 230 years.

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  1. kcorliss

    Of course this all comes on the heels of a column written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. last year describing the coming “global warming” and how the Wash. D.C. area doesn’t have winter anymore. Yeah, right.

    Note to RFK Jr.: please leave climatology to the experts. On second thought, given the near-complete dismantling and discrediting of the UN’s IPCC report, mabye we shouldn’t.


  2. DDtwc

    And yet another major winter storm is pounding the Northeast with the DC escaping a major bullet as the heaviest snows fall just miles to their north. Parts of PA and lower NY will see snow in the feet. NYC and Boston will easily see the biggest snow of their season. Funny, how each of the last two winters the “global warming and now global climate change” rhetoric is AWFULLY quiet by the politicians, etc. They are too busy trudging through the snow to talk about the climate being too warm.

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