Spring Forecast

Updated as the CPC changed their forecasts this morning…

With most of meteorological winter behind us, thoughts now turn to what the upcoming spring months may bring for temperatures and precipitation to this area. All seasonal forecasting is difficult, but both autumn and spring bring the most difficulties because of the transitional nature of those seasons. Currently, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting March, as well as the entire three month spring season of March through May with equal chances for above, below or average temperatures and precipitation in North Dakota and most of Minnesota.

Personally, I am leaning toward March into early April to be below average for temperatures as our widespread deep snow cover will likely inhibit our temperature potential until our snow pack disappears in about 6-8 weeks. Precipitation-wise, two storms made this winter exceptionally wet. My suspicion is this spring will be the same; one or two systems final storm track may be the difference between us being wet or dry.