Dreary March

As March began 20 inches of snow on the average covered the ground throughout this area. That was the greatest snow depth in Fargo Moorhead since the winter of 1996-1997. With so much snow to melt the odds favored March to be cooler than normal, yet the first ten days of the month finished well above average.

In some ways, the mild temperatures this month can be attributed to the snow cover. The recent melting puts a lot of moisture into the lower atmosphere producing low clouds and fog which helps keep our overnight temperatures well above seasonally averages. This in combination with clouds associated with last week’s storm has meant average low temperatures of nearly fifteen degrees above average to this point in the month. In other words, it has been our lows, not our highs that have made this month so warm to this point.

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  1. Robert V Sobczak

    Interesting about the snow feedback loop. We have a similar rain feedback loop with our wetlands when they are full here in the Everglades.

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