It has been almost one week since several tornados ripped through the state of Mississippi. The strongest tornado started in extreme eastern Louisiana and then remained on the ground for 149 miles as it moved across much of central Mississippi. At peak intensity, the tornado was rated an EF-4 on the Enhanced Fujita scale as it moved through Yazoo City. Ten people died in that storm with dozens more reported injured.

Continuous tornado damage paths in excess of 100 miles are unusual, but do happen on occasion. More often, damage paths are broken up into segments as tornados disappoint and reform from the same thunderstorm, but that was not the case with this particular storm. The longest known continuous damage path from a tornado occurred in 1925 when the “Tri-state Tornado” caused continual damage from southeastern Missouri, through Southern Illinois, then into southwestern Indiana over a distance of nearly 220 miles killing nearly 700 individuals with hundreds more injured.