Rocky Mountain Snows

This past winter was the snowiest on record in the Northern Hemisphere, with accurate data going back to the winter of 1966-1967. Although that specific snow data only goes through March, the western one-third of the United States continues to build their snow pack. Several storms in the past few weeks have dropped significant snows in the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains.

It was cold enough that on May 24, even the lower elevations around Salt Lake City reported measurable snow, which was the latest such event for the city since records began. Currently, the snow pack over the Rocky Mountains is listed as 137% of normal, with all the major mountain ranges reporting an above average snow pack.

Although the cool wet spring in the Rockies may be bringing some complaints, the snow pack is crucial for summer drinking water and for irrigation purposes and therefore, the melted snow will be very welcomed during the dry summer season.

Here is a graph showing how rapidly Lake Powell has been rising in recent weeks: