Techological Weather

Every generation seems to think that the weather in the past was harsher and more severe than at present. Writings as far back as the 1700s have passages describing the weather being more tolerant than it was for the previous generation. There have certainly been periods when the weather has had a stronger impact on human civilization, but the weather records do not show any major shifts in the weather over the past few generations.

Most of us remember Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book “The Long Winter”. That winter was probably very similar to the one experienced locally in 1996-1997; yet, thousands were not on the brink of starvation with no supplies for weeks on end like during the winter of 1880-1881. Instead, our technology and infrastructure has allowed us to lessen the impacts that weather and our climate has on us.

In other words, it has been technology that has changed far more than the weather has.

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  1. Robert V Sobczak

    I wonder to what degree AC has changed Florida’s perception of its heat and humidity. It feels good sometimes, but always in the context of being able to get to cold air and cold drinks. (We’re spoiled!)

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