A Rose By Any Other Name…

When you think of a rose, you inevitably think of one of the most beautiful of all flowers. There is another type of rose that is not nearly as beautiful but can be very useful in describing wind data. A wind rose shows the percentage of time that the wind blows from the 16 compass points at a given location. It is graphed with a center point with bars protruding from that point in varying lengths based on what percent of the time the wind blows from each compass direction.

In most climates, including our own, the wind rose will look different depending on the time of year. In July, the dominate wind directions in Fargo Moorhead are South and Southeast, with North and Northwest directions being the next most frequent. In the winter months, the opposite is true, with a North and Northwest wind dominating over all other directions. Since such data have been available, the least frequently recorded wind direction locally is from the East Northeast.

Below is a Wind Rose for Fargo from January and July for you to see the difference.