Hot Streak

The residents of Fargo Moorhead and much of the rest of the area did not know it at the time, but on this date in 1936 the most intense heat wave since records began was about to end. July 18, 1936 was the 15th straight day with a high temperature at or above 90 degrees. Included in that streak were 8 straight days, July 6-13, with a high temperature exceeding 100 degrees.

No other heat wave in the record books comes close to what occurred in July 1936. Although the streak of 90 degree days came to an end on July 18, 1936, it did not exactly turn cool as 15 more 90 degree days were recorded in the next 24 days. Although, no more 100 degree weather was experienced for nearly two months, things changed on September 22 when the high temperatures soared to 101 degrees, which to this day, still stands as the latest 100 degree day on record.

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  1. buffalogal

    Daryl, you made an offer on a comment on MY blog that you would take me storm chasing. I want to know several things first:
    1. Does your vehicle have a storm cellar?
    2. Do you know how to do CPR?
    3. Do you know how to deal with a person having a
    severe anxiety attack?
    4. Have you ever dealt with full blown hysteria??
    ( in another person)

    If all these things are positive, I might consider riding along!!!

  2. Daryl Ritchison

    I’m not quite sure how to answer those questions except to say, I haven’t lost anyone yet storm chasing. Does that make you feel better?

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