Big Chunks

Among the storm reports from the severe weather last week was some incredibly large hail that fell in portions of south central North Dakota. The hardest hit area was in Sioux County where golfball to softball sized hail was observed. At the Prairie Knights Resort a few hailstones were measured to be 5 inches in diameter which tied the record for the largest hailstone observed in North Dakota. The last time such a large chunk of hail was seen in North Dakota was on August 3, 1969 in Mercer County.

Those hailstones were large enough to smash and go through windshields and even puncture and completely go through some roofs. Needless to say, damage was significant to buildings, vehicles and to area crops. Plus, if that was not enough, that same area was also hit by wind gusts estimated to be near 70 mph damaging additional structures and crops that were missed by the hail.