Good Bye Sun

If you are an early riser like myself, or are out enjoying the late evenings, you have likely noticed that the sun is rising later and setting earlier then it did a few weeks ago. Since the Summer Solstice in June, Fargo Moorhead has lost over 30 minutes of daylight in the morning and a bit less than 30 minutes in the evening.

Our earliest sunrise in June occurred at 5:32 AM and our latest sunset time was at 9:26 PM. We are currently losing about 3 minutes a day of sunlight and will maintain a lose of either 3 or 4 minutes a day right through early December when that pace will slow slightly as we approach the Winter Solstice. Our sunrise and sunset times vary slightly from year to year, but in December we will see our sunset times bottom around 4:38 PM in the middle of December and our sunrise times will occur around 8:12 in the morning.

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