Santa Is Cold

Based on data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) the summer of 2010 is likely going to be the coldest on record for areas north of 80 degrees latitude in the Northern Hemisphere.  This would be the area immediately surrounding the North Pole.

The DMI has been collecting and estimating temperatures in that area since 1958.  Temperatures are estimated using both actual buoy data collected from the Arctic Ocean in combination with computer model analysis of that region.  Although the areas around the North Pole never experience much warmth, with mid-summer temperatures averaging only in the mid to upper 30s, this summer has estimated temperatures hovering only around the freezing point or lower in recent weeks.

Not only has the high Arctic experienced cooler than normal temperatures lately, but also areas near the South Pole.  Antarctica is currently experiencing a cold winter with Antarctic sea ice extent currently at record high levels for this time of year.