Competing Almanacs

It is that time of year again when the winter forecast from the Farmer?s Almanac always makes the news.  What many people do not realize is there are actually two Farmer?s Almanac forecasts.

If you listen carefully, sometimes you will hear The Old Farmer?s Almanac and other times just the Farmer?s Almanac.  The Old Farmer?s Almanac is the original and has been published since 1792 and is based in Dublin, New Hampshire.  The Farmer?s Almanac started in 1818 and is based in Lewiston, Maine.  Both publish books that are released in late summer that are similar in size, although, the front covers will look differently.  Too add to the confusion, sometimes the two magazines have significantly different forecasts.

For what it is worth, if you are curious and have not heard, both Almanacs are forecasting a cold and snowy winter.  Always a safe bet when forecasting a winter for North Dakota and Minnesota.