Land Of Extremes!

Back in 1985, Utah was believed to have broken the record for the highest annual temperature range for any state. That year Peter?s Sink, UT was thought to have recorded a low of -69?F on February 1, followed by St. George, UT recording a high of 117?F on July 5.    That is a range of 186? in a single year.

Previous to that, the record was held by North Dakota with an annual temperature range of 181? set in 1936.  That year, Parshall, ND recorded a low of -60?F on February 15, followed by Steele, ND reaching a high of 121?F on July 6.  Both still stand as the all-time warmest and coldest temperatures recorded in the state.

Recently, the National Climate Extremes Committee questioned the validity of the -69?F reading from Peter?s Sink, UT and found no evidence to support such a temperature.  By the way, Dr. Akyuz, the North Dakota State Climatologist is on this committee.

Therefore, North Dakota once again holds the position of having the highest annual temperature extremes of any state since records have been kept.

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  1. Daryl Ritchison


    I’m not 100 percent sure where the record is for the same spot. I’ll have to research that one. I do know that the record for Fargo is 151 degrees in 1936 when our range was from -37 to +114. With some spots in North Dakota doing even better than that in 1936. But nationally…. I have research to do.

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