Is The Weather Freaky?

I was recently reading the blog ?Wildwings?, found within, written by our company pilot, Keith Corliss.  Keith is an avid birder and in a recent blog post was pondering the different definitions of the term rare.

When dealing with birds, a very common bird elsewhere could be considered rare in an area where it is not usually seen.  Some birds like Whooping Cranes, would be considered rare just because of their very limited numbers.

Many of these analogies can be transferred to the world of weather.  Snow storms are certainly not rare locally, but in Florida it would be rare to see a snow storm.  Too frequently, weather events are classified as freaky, extraordinary or even crazy.   Some weather events are certainly rare, as they occur infrequently in certain areas.

Yet, just as a birder seeing an uncommon bird would not garner talk of a freak, but instead, just a rare observance, weather phenomenon should also not be considered freaky just because it is experienced rarely.