Late Sunrises

When it comes to the amount of daylight observed over the course of the year, it is common knowledge that the days around the Winter Solstice provide every one in the northern hemisphere the shortest amount of day length of the year.  It is also well known that the latest and earliest sunrises and sunsets also occur near the winter solstice, or do they?

Because of the recent extension of daylight saving time to the first Sunday in November, plus, this changeover occurred as late as possible this year, Saturday, November 6 will end up having our latest sunrise of the year.   This past Saturday morning the sun rose at 8:17 AM, likely several minutes later than it will near the Winter Solstice.  It varies slightly from year to year, but our latest sunrise coming up will be around 8:12 AM in another 7 weeks.

Granted this is all just a trick of when and how daylight saving time is observed, but it was certainly staying dark very late in the morning before the time change.