Christmas Snow

For 128 years of record keeping, Christmas day came and went with very little snow falling in Fargo Moorhead.  On only one occasion, back in 1912 did snow accumulate to any consequence when 3.6 inches was measured.  Sure, there was a dusting here or there, but something most would call a snow storm just did not occur.  Considering our climate, I always found it an odd coincidence that Christmas day always seemed to avoid getting any significant snowfall.

Of course that all changed in 2009, our 129th Christmas of record.  A year ago we were in the middle of a large and powerful storm that dropped anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of snow over much of the region.  In Fargo Moorhead, 17.3 inches fell during the four day event, with 8.1 inches being measured on Christmas.

This year the weather looks to be taking us back to Christmas past with a more peaceful and quiet day for the area.  We may all dream of a white Christmas, but most of us probably prefer it not to come on the day itself.

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