January Questions

Every January I get inquires asking two specific questions.  The first deals with when the average high and low temperatures start to increase.  The average high temperature in Fargo Moorhead started to increase on January 19, when the average high went from 15 to 16 degrees.  The average low temperature did not start to increase until January 22 when the average low increased from -3 to -2 degrees.  Our average temperatures, be it slowly, will now increase until the middle of July.

The second question asked this time of year deals with the sunset occurring after 5:00 PM.  If you work the traditional 8 to 5 shift each day, for several weeks you go to work in the dark and then drive home in the dark.  If you are one of those drivers, you have certainly noticed the later sunsets.  A few days before the winter solstice, the sunset at 4:38 PM in Fargo Moorhead and approximately one month later the sun is setting around 5:20 PM, finally giving many of you a glimpse of the sun as you are heading home.