Langdon Does New York

The New York Times did an article about Langdon, ND.  Not bad for a Times piece.  Here is the link:

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  1. about our recent blizzards….they seem to be a lot like the terrible storms of Nov 1940 and Mar. 1941 when people were caught out in the open with little to protect them from the cold that poured in. THE WINDS OF HELL is a thing done by MPR; you can google it and get the report. I thought of the teenagers who suffered frostbite last weekend; foolish.. stupid… dumb….to go out in this weather without any warm clothing or any thought of the danger or our recent weather pattern.

  2. Daryl Ritchison


    I will have a blog post tomorrow dealing with the subject of your comment (good coincidence). Stay tuned. 🙂

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