NOAA Snow Survey

My lack of blogging lately has been partially attributed to my recent flight with NOAA on a survey to measure the Snow Water Equivalency (SWE) of our snow pack.  Weather and mechanical problems kept us grounded and me at the airport or on standby the past few days.  I finally had the chance to take a flight on Monday.   Here is the link to where you can watch the story if interested.

John may have to take up the slack in blogs this week as I’ll be out speaking to several groups in the next 10 days.  I’ll have a write up on my flight posted here soon.

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  1. david burrous

    oh my that was a pretty good video ya i kind of beleive it that there is like 4 inches of water. so does that plane really fly as far as me? it looked like it on the map there. ya that is not good if that is true.

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