Where The Cold Rushes Down The Plains

February 10, 2011 is likely a day that will not be soon forgotten for residents in the state of Oklahoma.  That morning at 7:40 AM the temperature dropped to -31 degrees in Nowata, located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma.  That -31 degree temperature is the coldest temperature measured in the Sooner State.

Previously,  the state record in Oklahoma was a -27 degree low that was recorded in Vinita on February 13, 1905 and in Watts on January 18, 1930.  So not only did Nowata break the record, it broke it soundly.  To put that temperature in perspective, if a location in North Dakota or Minnesota broke the state record by four degrees, the temperature would have to reach -64 degrees.

That cold air from last week has been replaced with a much different air mass the past few days with temperatures climbing to near 70 degrees, an amazing jump of over 100 degrees in one week.