Cold Vacations

If you took a trip to Florida this winter to get away from our cold temperatures, you may have been disappointed with the temperatures during your visit.  The months of December and January, combined, were the coldest such period on record for the state of Florida.   December in particular was very harsh on the sunshine state with temperatures averaging 6 to 12 degrees below average.  January, although still cooler than average, generally finished only 1 to 3 degrees below normal.

These colder temperatures not only impacted vacations, but crops as well.  Much of the produce we buy in the winter comes from Florida.  With hard freezes this winter Florida and recently in Mexico, many vegetable varieties did not reach maturity before they froze.

Therefore, the recent spike in the cost of buying fruits and vegetables is wholly attributed so the colder than average winter in the Deep South.

3 Responses

  1. Still waiting for someone to produce a transgenic citrus tree I can grow in North Dakota. On that day, we will no longer be beholden to our more southerly growers.

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  3. Winter hit hard and early in December, but it’s been warming up recently. I’ve been fending off the sun with a wide brim hat. Inland from Naples is Immakolee where lots of winter vegetables (esp. tomatoes) are grown. It gets colder there than along the coast where the water warms the night air.

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