Was It A Storm?

Monday?s official snowfall measurement was 6.7 inches, which brought the grand total for the month of February to 7 inches.  But you may recall, if you shoveled Monday?s snow, that it was literally light as a feather.  Due to ideal snow crystal growth conditions in the clouds Monday, those snow crystals grew extremely large.  When the snowflakes settled on the ground, the large crystals left a lot of space between each other.  This extra space was nothing but air, which is why the snow was so light when it was shoveled.  Based on a strict adherence to the rules, the National Weather Service is expected to have a Winter Storm Warning in place any time six inches of snow falls in a twelve hour period.

However, they did not hoist a Warning last Monday.  It is a good thing, too, because the downy snow accumulation caused few problems Monday except to make streets icy.  A Winter Storm Warning would have seemed a heavy handed reaction.