Cold Snap For The Ages

It was during this week in 1936 that Fargo Moorhead recorded a temperature above zero after 37 straight days with both the high and low at or below 0 degrees.  It was a cold snap with no equal in the record books. Yet, other communities had it even worse.  Langdon, ND for instance, went 42 straight days with the temperature below zero and unlike Fargo Moorhead, continued to see the low temperatures fall below zero for two more weeks.

In fact, the first day of 1936 with a low above zero in Langdon was on March 7.  From December 9 through March 6 Langdon recorded a low temperature below zero every day with the exception of 5 days in December.  The spring fared no better with temperatures below zero on 11 days in late March into early April.  The low on April 8, 1936 was -15 degrees, which was fortunately the last below zero reading of the season for them.

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  1. That’s nothing compared to the unrelenting Florida sun. I’ve been out in it all week fighting tooth and nail to find slivers of shade where I could. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, emphasis on “little”.) :^)

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