Slow 50

Our average first 50 degree high temperature in Fargo Moorhead occurs on March 18.  Our warmest day so far this year has back on February 13 when Hector Int?l topped off at 44 degrees.  The warmest day in March so far was 42 degrees on four different days.  The colder air moving into the area this week is expected to remain entrenched through the rest of the month.

Therefore, at this point it appears our first 50 degree high will not occur until sometime in early April.  Since 1881 the first 50 degree reading of the season has occurred in the month of April approximately 25% of the time.  The latest 50 degree day on record occurred during the first year of official observations in Fargo Moorhead back in 1881.  That year the first 50 degree reading of spring was on April 17.  More recently, the first 50 degree day was not recorded until April 16 during the cold spring of 1979.