Although we are still likely a month or more away from the threat of severe weather, the severe storm season is in progress to our south.  Already there have been several storm systems that have produced tornadoes, straight-line wind damage and large hail.  These same storms have also produced snow on their northern edges meaning that some areas experienced severe weather followed by snow.

This is a very common phenomenon this time of year, yet, I have heard the phrases of freaky, weird and unusual mentioned several times in reference to these storms.  With much of Canada still in the grips of winter and the southern portion of the United States well into spring, large contrasts in temperatures across the North American continent make for huge swings in weather, not only locally, but nationally every year.

Historically, springs that follow a winter with a La Nina present in the Pacific Ocean tend to have an active severe weather season.  So it is likely the country will be experiencing more extremes in the coming weeks.