Outside Baseball

When the Minnesota Twins moved their home games outside last year, numerous naysayers remarked that outdoor baseball in Minneapolis in April would be a disaster.  But April, 2010, was kind to Twins fans.  It was 81 degrees on April 1 last year, and most of April was mild with temperatures in the 60s and 70s.  The month finished eight degrees above average.

Last April was also eight degrees above average here in Fargo Moorhead and we also enjoyed many days in the 60s and a few in the 70s.  But this spring, the weather is in a slump.  Fargo Moorhead has had a miserable March with temperatures eight degrees below average.  We keep adding to the snow instead of melting it, and we?ve already had more than 80 inches.  In the Twin Cities, they also received more than 80 inches of snow this winter and some of it is still on the ground there, too.  The Twins play just eleven of their 28 April games at Target Field.

The home opener is April 8.   Go Twins.  Go Weather.