Without Warning?

The severe weather outbreak last week across the United States brought many of the same quotes you often hear after such events.  Comments such as ?it came without warning? or the phrase ?unpredictable tornados? were widely used.  Such phraseology perhaps makes for a good sound byte after such devastation, but at the same time it perpetrates the myth that no one knew the storms were coming.

The reality is, the Storm Prediction Center issued statements of the threat of a major outbreak of severe weather and tornados several days before the event occurred.  The mornings of each day additional statements were made to where and when the storms were expected.  Then watches were issued before the storms formed, plus all storms had a warning issued before the storm arrived at each location.

So the storms were well advertised and accurately predicted and anyone that heard a forecast before the storms arrived should not have been surprised.

2 Responses

  1. This late afternoon, around 7 pm, we had a giant lightning strike hit right outside our door. Literally, the crack and the light were instantaneous. It actually took me a moment to figure out what it was. Never in my life has a lightning bolt struck so close, but I couldn’t find where it hit, nor had it started raining. About ten minutes later we did get a shower, but my point is that there was a cloud out there that looked sort of ominous, but it still being sunny and not yet raining I didn’t give it a second thought. What are the chances of lightning striking, let alone a twister? Sometimes we take chances when we don’t even know we’re doing it.

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