Devastating Tornadoes

The first decade of our new century recorded a noticeable decrease in violent tornadoes in the United States.  The second decade so far has not been so kind.  Although through this writing it was not official, the first EF-5 tornado in three years and only the 3rd in the past decade may have been recorded this past Wednesday.  The horrific tornado outbreak that struck Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia killed over 200 individuals with over 1000 people injured.

That would place this event with the third highest death toll in the past 50 years.  Several long-lived tornadoes with damage paths over 50 miles long, with widths near 1 mile, devastated numerous communities as well as portions of the larger cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

EF-4 and EF-5 tornadoes are rare, but when they occur, high casualty numbers are frequently observed, because even if you take proper shelter, some storms are sadly just too powerful to survive.

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  1. David Burrous

    you know i noticed it has been active with those storms down south and then cold and damp and stuff here. now you mentioned La Nina yesterday? i hear in a couple weeks maybe more warmer weather like 70’s and maybe 1st 80 for down here. do you think we could all be out of this active weather pattern soon and warm up? i feel like it might be another sever stormy summer up here again but don’t know yet. what you think Daryl? just some questions and stuff and ya saw those tornadoes sadly yes too devistating to survive. just awful.

  2. william frederick harrison

    i am interested in knowing if damage was done to any nuclear plant were damaged?also just how many such plants are in tornado alley. i will pray for the lives sunday

  3. There was a nuclear power plant in that region of destruction. In fact some of the power outages down there are tributed to power lines from the plant being knocked down. (long ways from the plant) Nuclear material is designed to handle a hit. The odds are astronomically small of any radiation leak from a weather related event. I would not be concerned.

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