Perception V. Reality

As we finish April, nearly everyone will remember this month as being cold and damp, yet, when the official stats for the month are written about in this space in a few days, you will likely be surprised.

The reason?  Temperatures this month, although below average, have been well within the bounds of average.  The average temperature for April has only been around 2 degrees below normal.  The reason this month has felt cold can be wholly attributed to our high temperatures.  Our daily highs this month have been averaging around 5 degrees colder than the average, whereas our wake up temperatures have been consistently above average all month.  Our morning lows have been so mild, that frosts these past few weeks have been rare.

Although morning lows are noticed around planting and harvest times and of course in the dead of winter, the high seems to always be the temperature most people pay closer attention too.  By that standard, April was indeed a cool month.