Tornado Drill

Tornado Warning sirens will sound all across North Dakota as a part of Severe Summer Weather Awareness Week.  Our spring has been so cool that the snowstorm threat has far exceeded the thunderstorm threat, but that will change as the weather gets warmer.

Last week?s epic tornado disaster in Alabama has probably increased the fear factor for tornadoes, but there is no reason to think that our upcoming summer will be unusually stormy.  In fact, the La Nina in the Pacific Ocean the past few months is something which can usually be linked to a higher number of tornadoes across the southeastern United States, but a lower than average number across the Dakotas and Minnesota.

However, this is not to say that there will be no tornadoes.  All it takes is the right atmospheric conditions.  This week is the time to discuss your Tornado Warning Plan.  Have a designated safe place and discuss when will be the right time to go there.  If you wait until the roof starts to shake, it is too late to plan.