Deep Cold

A week ago today, Fargo Moorhead recorded a high temperature of 53 degrees.  Although chilly, it was a huge improvement over the previous day, May 1, when the high temperature reached only 36 degrees. That high of 36 degrees was just two degrees shy of the lowest maximum for that date.   As that air mass exited the area, it moved quickly south.  Often this time of year, the high sun angle modifies these pools of cold air, but that was not the case last week.

For example, Dallas Fort Worth recorded the same temperature as we did last Monday with a high of just 53 degrees which was 27 degrees below normal for them.   The cold air arrived in Austin, Texas two days later and dropped their temperature to 38 degrees on May 4.  That was the lowest temperature on record in May by 4 degrees, the equivalent of Fargo Moorhead dropping to 12 degrees.  We may have noticed the snow more than the cold, but Texans definitely noticed the cold.