From Space

A clear sky over the area gives some good views from space.  1st image is over Fargo Moorhead.  You can see the greening of the city, whereas the fields are still vegetation free (black dirt).  Plus, you can see the overland flooding around West Fargo.

2nd image is of the northern valley, plus the Devils Lake area.  You can clearly see overland flooding between Grand Forks and the US/Canadian border.  Plus, if you look carefully, you can see flooding in extreme northeastern ND associated with the famous “dike road”.  There is a “road” across the border in Canada that is suppose to be a road, which is unused, but is really a dike keeping numerous sections of land flooded in the United States.

The last image is a side by side of Devils Lake from May 2008 (left) to May 2011 (right).  It was horribly wet there in 2008, but the difference is striking in the three years as Devils Lake approaches its natural outlet to the Sheyenne River.