Sunny Satellites

Recent sunny weather has allowed a clear view of our part of the world from the point of view of weather satellites.  These images, which we have featured this week on WDAY news, still show significant overland flooding near Kindred as well as near the Sheyenne Diversion.

That a few county roads and a relatively low embankment are enough to hold back ponds of water visible from space is a testament both to satellite technology and also to the flatness of the Red River Valley.  The flat terrain is due to the fact that from about 8,000 to 12,000 years ago, what is now known as the Red River Valley was a huge, shallow lake.  The retreating glacier from the last stages of the most recent Ice Age acted like a dam to the north, and melt water filled the gouge left by the glacier.

Underneath the lake surface, silt and clay settled and formed what would soon become one of the largest flat places on the Earth.

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