Wet, Wet, Wet

As the spring of 2011 wanes, the state of North Dakota is almost completely saturated.  From the Red River in the east to the Little Missouri in the west, rivers are overflowing their banks.  From Devils Lake to Lake Sakakawea to almost every pothole in between, water is at record levels.

Grasslands have become wetlands.  Wetlands have become sloughs.  Sloughs have become large lakes.  And Devils Lake, the North Dakota wet cycle poster child, is now a vast inland sea.  Many have speculated, but no one knows when this pattern of high precipitation will tapir.

But there is a clue in a very old farmer?s proverb from England.  ?There is no debt so surely met as wet to dry and dry to wet.?  Although it is hard to imagine today, there will come a time when it will be too dry across North Dakota and we will all be wishing for a nice, soaking rain.