First Day Of Summer Vacation

The weather this week has really put a chill on the spring spirit.  As spring setback go, we expect the March blizzard and the late April snow, but by May we begin to feel that we are owed some good weather.  Certainly Fargo public school kids expect more from their first day of ?summer?. (That Fargo public schools start too early in the fall and end too early in the spring is an argument for another day.)

But this sort of thing happens from time to time around here in May and even in June.  The culprit is a flow of air from Hudson Bay.  In winter, our coldest air usually comes from the Yukon or the Northwest Territories or even from Siberia over the pole.

But in late spring, some of the coldest weather in the northern hemisphere can usually be found over Hudson Bay, and when there is a north to northeast breeze stiff and steady enough to bring that air this way, the result is a week like this one; very disappointing and un-spring-like.