Saturated Junes

June is on average the wettest month of the year in this area.  The current 30 year average rainfall in Fargo Moorhead this month is 3.90 inches.  If that sounds high it is because the average June rainfall has increased substantially in the past 20 years.  The previous 30 year average was 3.51 inches, so our new average is up nearly one-half inch in the past decade.

Our current wet-cycle has caused an increase in precipitation through all months of the year, but the increase has been particularly noticeable in June.  The 1961-1990 average rainfall in June was 2.82 inches, so our recent two decades with above average precipitation has added over one inch to the average rainfall in June.  If we only include the past 20 years, the average rainfall in June has skyrocketed to 4.51 inches, nearly two inches above what we experience in the 1960s through the 1980s.

June precipitation, although far from the only source of our current water problems, has been a key factor in keeping this area saturated in recent years.