A week after the very memorable Memorial Day windstorm, it is time for a little perspective.  The highest measured wind gust was 72 mph at the airport.  Damage around town suggests local wind gusts perhaps nearing 100 mph in a few spots.

But our storm was a gentle breeze compared to the EF4 and EF5 tornado damage this spring in Joplin and Tuscaloosa and other places.  Wind speeds here were 70-100 mph.  EF4 winds range from 166 to 200 mph.  EF5 winds exceed 200 mph.  So imagine our storm with wind twice as strong or more.  Fargo Moorhead lost a few trees.  Many trees lost a few branches.  A few roofs were partially torn away.

In Joplin, entire neighborhoods have no evidence there ever were trees and countless houses can be identified only by their foundations.  We had a bad storm and we?re still cleaning up, but no one died and our world is essentially the same as it was before the storm.  Not so for other places.

One thought on “Perspective

  1. You commented about someone out running when the storm het…It could have been me, but I wasn’t in Fargo at the time. I was 1.5 miles from home in the middle of open country when the storm hit. I listened to the weather reports and thought I had time to get 5 or 6 miles in before it hit…boy was I wrong! The gust of wind from the gust front hit me hard and almost blew me off the road and my glasses off. Fortunately it was a tail wind, with no hail and I was able to get back just fine, but, boy what a rush to run in that wind!

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