Somewhat Good News

Good news, of sorts:  the flooding on the two largest bodies of water in North Dakota has likely peaked for this year.  Releases from Garrison Dam were decreased from 145 to 140 thousand cubic feet per second yesterday.  This will gradually ease the flooding on the Missouri River south of Lake Sakakawea including the Bismarck area.  Meanwhile, the level of Devils Lake peaked late last week at 1454.3 feet.  This is a rise of about two feet above the peak level a year ago.  Both lakes have been at record levels this summer.

However, in North Dakota, temperatures during July and August are always warmer than in June, and so evaporation rates almost always exceed any additional rainfall.  Water levels should slowly drop the remainder of the summer.

Hopefully, precipitation will be lighter this coming fall, winter, and spring so that the lakes will not rise so much next year.