Cool Independence

On July 4, 1989, the high temperature in Fargo Moorhead was 97 degrees.  It was a new record high for Independence Day, besting the previous record of 95 degrees set in 1948.  Too many, it was likely just another hot day in a series of hot summers during the drought in the late 1980s.   It was of course, the 4th of July, it is always hot on the 4th, or is it?

In Fargo Moorhead at least, hot weather on July 4 has been a rarity.  Since 1881, the official high locally has been at or above 90 degrees only 8 times.  In fact, the high temperature has been in the 60s more frequently than the 90s for our Independence Day celebrations.  Coincidentally, July 4 has the fewest number of 90 degree days of any day during July.

On Monday, the official high in Fargo Moorhead was 93 degrees, the first 90 degree day since that record in 1989 and if the pattern continues, we may not record another hot July 4 for several years to come.