Indiana State Fair

The tragedy at the Indiana State Fair last Saturday has certainly become a media and internet talking point this week.  Most of the conversations have gravitated to the same old “who is to blame?” talk which seems to surface after every weather disaster.  Was the stage strong enough?  Why weren’t people evacuated?

Certainly, these are good questions and people deserve good answers.  But why, in this day of smart phones, Tweets, and instant texts; were 12,000 people gathered for an outdoor concert when thunderstorms were in the forecast?  Indianapolis gets thunderstorms in the summer which can bring deadly lightning, hail, and high winds.  Technology today makes it is easy to know that thunderstorms are coming and yet 12,000 people were willing to ignore that information in order to see a country music show.  Let’s make sure the stage was sturdy and storm warnings were proper and all that.

But we should also ask ourselves if the people in that audience don’t bear some of the responsibility for knowingly putting themselves at risk.

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